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The IFAFRI R&D repository collects and provides information on ongoing and past research projects that focus on innovative first responder technology and concepts. The technology and concepts are linked to the IFAFRI 10 common capability gaps.

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IFAFRI‘S R&D repository is a repository for academia, industry and government representatives to be informed about R&D activities for first responders financed and executed by different stakeholders worldwide. 

The listed projects will be linked to the IFAFRI 10 common global capability gaps. The database will show government representatives at which gaps lots of R&D is ongoing or has been finished. On the other hand, SME’s could pick up innovative concepts from open public R&D projects and develop market-ready solutions. The repository will only collect a minimum of data and will not duplicate existing databases if your project is already listed in a database, e.g. CORDIS; please fill only the mandatory fields and link the project to the original database. The submission process takes, on average, 3 min.


The PAIRS research project develops a platform for crisis management that iteratively learns to identify crises in their formative stages and provides data-driven recommendations for action.

With the establishment and continuous further development, a data-based information basis is created in order to be best prepared for crisis situations and thus strengthen the resilience of Germany as a business location. The Supply Chain Radar obtains its necessary data for creating transparency in crisis situations from a wide variety of domains, such as the health or energy sector and other external data sources from production, supply chain and logistics. With this information, the impact of crisis events on the value chain is made visible to individual companies and public organizations.


Capability gap(s) targeted:
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