October 15 Brussels

Join us in Brussels! Learn about the needs for first responders and explore new markets to deliver first class security products.
Registration is over, but you’ll be able to watch the live stream from IFAFRI's Twitter account @IFAFRI1 on 15 October. Starts at 09:00.
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Our Mission


IFAFRI is a global collaboration between countries focused on enhancing and expanding the development of affordable technology and innovative solutions to improve first responder safety, efficiency and effectiveness.


Upcoming Events

November 6 to November 7 , Helsinki Congress Paasitorni

Building Bridges: Reinforcing Synergies between Security Research and other Funding Schemes

More information on the event’s page.

October 17 , Washington D.C

Solving DHS S&T and IFAFRI identified global capability gaps like Logistics and Resource Management

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More information on the event's page.

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Capability Gaps


IFAFRI is publishing Capability Gaps to identify potential areas of R&D where there may be opportunity for industry and academia to develop innovative solutions to support the work of first responders. Further, it is intended to provide them with key data points that will inform their investment decision. Find out more in our Capability Gaps page.

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