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IFAFRI Technology Showcase on December 07th, 2022

15 Dec 2022
Earth from space

IFAFRI held a virtual Technology Showcase on December 07th, 2022 highlighting solutions that have been developed by New Zealand based companies. The solutions presented focused on GAP 5: The ability to maintain interoperable communications with responders in any environmental conditions, GAP 7: The ability to conduct on-scene operations remotely without endangering responders and GAP 9: The ability to create actionable intelligence based on data and information from multiple sources.

Three companies presented their solutions including Peloria, Dotterel and Shotover. (Chris Mahony) (Shaun Edlin) (Robert Kubis)

The IFAFRI Stakeholder Engagement Committee plans to hold additional Tech Showcases highlighting innovative solutions in 2023.  Please reach out to IFAFRI if you have questions about these technologies or upcoming events.

This information is provided to raise awareness about relevant and available first responder technologies, while not endorsing any specific technology, product, or manufacturer. These technologies self-reported their solutions, through the IFAFRI Responder Solution Tool, against the specific requirements in our respective IFAFRI Statement of Objectives (SOO).

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