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This report is an analysis that accounts for changes in the materials and designs of cars that can affect the rescue work during operations.

Each year, new models of passenger cars on the Swedish market. Already introduced models can have minor changes in the new model year. In cases where the introduction means changes of material and technical designs, it can affect how a rescue operation must be carried out to achieve the best results. The changes may involve changes in risks, both for the victims, for the personnel involved in the rescue operation and the surroundings and the environment. When the new passenger cars represent a large percentage of the number of run mil per year in Sweden needed information about these changes to the rescue personnel must be properly prepared to perform safe and effective emergency response based on quality-assured methods and techniques. These methods and techniques to support emergency response on equal terms for men and women.

The study has mapped changes in the near future of materials and structures for the most common passenger car manufacturers as well as overall trends until about 2020.

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Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
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