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What is the International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation (IFAFRI) ?

IFAFRI is an organization of international government leaders focused on enhancing and expanding the development of affordable, innovative technology for first responders worldwide. Representation to the Forum is comprised of members from Australia, Canada, the European Commission, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.

How were the inital IFAFRI members selected?

The founding countries were approached as the initial members, because they have bi-lateral or multi-lateral agreements in place now among them for innovation collaboration.

What are the strategic objectives of IFAFRI?

Define a list of common capability gaps
Provide a platform for international collaboration on innovative research and development (R&D) initiatives and solutions
Characterize global first responder markets, to inform and guide industry to make innovative technology available at affordable prices
Provide unbiased information about relevant and available first responder technologies

How will First Responders participate in IFAFRI?

First responders may participate in IFAFRI via:

The IFAFRI Stakeholder Engagement Committee and/or the First Responder Requirements Development Committee
IFAFRI members will attend responder conferences and will engage responders in dialogue, to obtain insights and information that will inform IFAFRI

How will Industry participate in IFAFRI?

Industry participation will be via the IFAFRI Stakeholder Engagement Committee.

What role will IFAFRI play in creating new standards or modifying existing ones?

IFAFRI will play the following role(s) in creating new standards or modifying existing ones:

IFAFRI is actively reaching out to Standards Developing Organizations (SDO) to inquire about their willingness and ability to participate in Committees
IFAFRI is NOT an SDO and will not create or modify standards
IFAFRI may engage SDOs to advocate responder challenges that may be resolved through Standards
IFAFRI members will seek membership or association on standards committees of SDOs, to inform their processes of issues uncovered within the IFAFRI

What are the IFAFRI Committees?

The IFAFRI has three Committees:

Capability Gaps: To idenfify and prioritize first responder capability gaps
Research and Development (R&D): To disseminate market information to incentivize industry and academia to initiate development of solutions to first responder capability gaps
Stakeholder Engagement: To identify, cultivate and maintain relationships with first responders, industry, and academia

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