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International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation focuses on enhancing and expanding the development of affordable technology and innovative solutions to improve first responder safety, efficiency and effectiveness

IFAFRI, the International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation is an organization set up by international government leaders. It gives a greater voice to first responders.
The Forum focuses on the technologies needed to help first responders conduct their missions safely, effectively and efficiently. To assist industry and academia and stimulate and shape the development of solutions, it provides information on the relevant global markets.
4 strategic objectives
  • Identify common capability gaps
  • Provide a platform for international collaboration on innovative research and development initiatives and solutions
  • Describe global first responder markets to inform and guide industry
  • Supply unbiased information about relevant and available first responder technologies
3 committees
  • Capability Gaps: pinpoints and prioritizes areas that can benefit from new or improved solutions for first responders.
  • Research & Development: provides industry and academia with market information to generate momentum for the development of the necessary affordable, innovative technologies.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: cultivates IFAFRI’s relationships with first responders and contacts in industry and academia.
IFAFRI also reaches out to Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), encouraging them to participate in the Forum’s committees. While IFAFRI does not create or modify standards, it may highlight challenges that standardization could help to resolve. Its members also seek involvement in SDO committees to better inform the relevant processes.


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